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Wildlife & Ecological Investments


Our mission at Wildlife & Ecological Investments is to provide support for conservation managers in their fight against biodiversity loss, and help to protect the natural resources on which we all depend. We do this through self-funded conservation research in ecologically important areas, environmental education programmes for local communities, and international training courses to inspire the conservationists of tomorrow.

Southern Africa is home to some of the most unique and charismatic biodiversity on Earth. But continually increasing levels of poaching, habitat destruction, pollution and establishment of invasive species are all severely distorting the natural balances of our ecosystems. In order to address this, conservationists must clearly understand the impacts of these threats, and design appropriate and sustainable programmes for the future.

WEI’s applied research projects bring together academics from all over the World to provide conservation managers and provincial governments with an evidence-based framework for decision making in best-practice management.

We also firmly believe that successful conservation programmes must engage with local communities if they are to be sustainable into the future. WEI have developed a number of community support tools, from Community-based Natural Resource Management facilitation workshops, to curriculum-linked Environmental Education courses and school holiday EcoClubs.

Whilst doing this work we feel it is vital to ensure that our experiences are shared with the next generation of conservationists, no matter where they are from in the World. WEI's field courses and training programmes attract over 500 students each year from national and international colleges and universities.

We are always interested in developing more projects, courses and academic partnerships. If you would like to get involved in our programmes, or would like more information on anything we do, please get in touch!

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