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Range use and terrain preference of adult Southern white rhinoceros

Work starts at Dinokeng Game Reserve

Dinokeng Game Reserve is situated in the northern section of Gauteng with a small section falling within Limpopo Province. The reserve is 18,500ha with lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. Plains game such as zebra, blue wildebeest and impala. Dinokeng Game Reserve is a private/public initiative breaking records of firsts. It is the first free-roaming Big 5 residential game reserve in Gauteng and probably in the world, next to an urbanized area.

The unique setting of Dinokeng Game Reserves is an eye opener of a different tactic to approach human-wildife interactions. Developing and testing mitigation of this interface is of high importance. The leopard research conducted by Panthera, forms part of a global Panthera initiative; Project Pardus. Research in Dinokeng Game Reserve will continue to support this initiative. Panthera has been operational in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo province (at two WEI sites; Zingela Game Reserve and Atherstone Nature Reserve) to advise provincial and national government of key leopard populations for wildlife management and conservation purposes. To date national and provincial conservation authorities are working in tandem with Panthera to develop sustainable leopard management policies. In 2016 the Department of Environmental Affairs set provincial leopard trophy hunting quotas at zero, effectively banning leopard trophy hunting throughout South Africa. 

Work in Dinokeng Game Reserve will be of great value not only to the reserve management and human residents but also for the wildife residing in Dinokeng Game Reserve home.