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Range use and terrain preference of adult Southern white rhinoceros

Greater Kruger National Park

The Greater Kruger National Park is a joint venture between the Kruger National Park (KNP) and the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR). The KNP and APNR collaboration allows for an increase in the area where animals can move freely. This is better defined as an open system. The WEI team has set up camera traps in Rusermi, located within the APNR, to better understand and monitor the movment of animals through the area. Cryptic and elusive animals such as caracal, honey badger and leopard have been captured on the camera traps on several occasions. Some of the individuals seen on the cameras have become familiar to the WEI team while others were just passing through. The image of the leopard is of a known individual that frequents the area and has been identified from his unique coat patterns. 

Camera traps have been and continue to be the prefered method of collecting information about cryptic animals. Setting up camera traps can either be in fixed locations or roaming however this depends on the desired information to be gathered from monitoring. Camera traps basically give the opportunity for individual animals to be photographed even though it is likely that not all individuals will be photographed. Depending on the desired information, the use of camera traps can estimate the population size and movement patterns of a focal species.

Camera trap Rusermi