Sodwana Bay

WEI’s Indian Ocean Marine Training Centre is based in the Sodwana Bay section of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. WEI students are trained to work with a variety of WEI-supported citizen science programmes, and are encouraged to submit photographs and supporting data to these online databases.

WEI students make regular contributions to the following citizen science databases:

  1. TORSOOI: The Southwest Indian Ocean Marine Turtle Database
  2. Wildbook for Whale Sharks
  3. MantaMatcher
  4. NEW IN 2015: iSpot, a global biodiversity database
  5. NEW IN 2015: Shark-Base, a global database for sightings of sharks, rays and their relatives

WEI is also currently in the process of developing two new global online citizen science databases, along with partner organisations both locally in South Africa and internationally, for the photographic identification of key marine species. We hope to announce the launch of these groundbreaking projects by early 2016, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Sodwana is also a key hub for our community outreach programmes. WEI works in two local primary schools, one junior primary school and three daycare centres, as well as providing man-power and resources for the Sekuyasa Community Centre.

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