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Wildlife & Ecological Investments - Training Courses

Training Courses

WEI international training courses have been developed alongside some of the World’s leading universities. All courses have strong practical elements, allowing students to apply their training in real conservation scenarios. If you would like to join one of these courses or would simply like more information on what we do then please Contact Us.

Bush-craft Training

Any student visiting any of our terrestrial sites will first undergo the WEI Bush-craft Training course. This provides students with the foundation to work safely in the potentially dangerous African bush. It includes sessions on venomous species, interpreting animal behaviour, walking in the bush and approaching animals on foot, navigation, plants and their traditional uses, and animal identification and tracking.

Savannah Ecology & Research

The Savannah Ecology course starts by introducing Africa’s biodiversity and biogeography. The course contains specialist lectures on Southern Africa’s mammalian predators and herbivores, the region’s birds and their remarkable adaptations, and the potential problems associated with mismanaging the savannah system. Students are encouraged to discuss the interspecific interactions they see around them in the bush and give presentations on the ecological value of different species – often identifying a lot of un-sung ecosystem heroes! This course also provides an introduction to ecological survey techniques used in the savannah system – from camera trapping and radio collaring to bird point counts and population modelling – and highlights the importance of thorough field skills and data entry – all key stages in research.

African Conservation

This series of lectures, seminars and discussions outlines the drivers of biodiversity loss and investigates the different methods managers are using to mitigate these threats. The course specifically goes into detail on themes of population control; fire management; water provisioning; sustainable wildlife utilization; conservation planning; fencing conservation areas; and the incentives for local communities, businesses and governments to conserve. The course reflects on effective community engagement in conservation projects, the role of land claims in the future of South African Conservation and the potential for Community-Based Natural Resource Management.

Marine Ecology & Research

Delivered at Sodwana Bay KZN, this course provides students with an introduction to the marine environment. The course includes practical training in Marine ID and survey skills alongside a lecture series covering topics from rocky shore ecology to marine management and global threats. The lecture series is complemented by an additional certification for Project AWARE, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation and AWARE Fish ID courses. The reef systems around Sodwana Bay support a vast array of marine life and the course investigates the ecology of these local reefs and the marine megafauna that they support, from whale sharks and mantas to five of the World's seven sea turtle species, including nesting leatherback and loggerhead turtles. Students are introduced to animal ID recognition programs and marine life monitoring schemes that recreational divers can participate in by uploading photos and sightings of migratory species onto international databases.

Customised Academic Field courses

WEI develops customised Undergraduate and Masters field trips and research opportunities for universities from all over the World. With a wide range of project sites located in areas of ecological importance, WEI can create a practical learning environment that will complement a range of university courses, from Conservation Management to Ecology and Animal Behaviour. To run a field trip with WEI, or for more information, please contact us.